As with most things, a thought is brought on by a need for something. 

Long before Haven was a thought, there was a need for growth in our yoga community. As Haven developed- first a thought, then a possibility and now a living being- the need for growth was present and obvious. Growth in both our personal practices and as a community of teachers. This became the core of our vision for Haven in the present and deep into the future. 

After recognizing the need, it became apparent that we needed to bring in more experienced teachers to continue to pass down their knowledge to those of us wanting to learn more. This includes both students and teachers, but we didn't want it in workshop formats only. Often times the only way to learn from these seasoned teachers was to attend their (often sold out) workshops. We wanted to create a way to take their classes, within the regular schedule, without having to sign up for a separate workshop. Hence, "The Guest Teacher Project" was born.  The idea was that seasoned, knowledgeable teachers would come to Haven and teach within our regular schedule. The next step was to cast it out to the Yoga universe and be patient. What happened next wasn't expected or planned for.....the response was so huge that we almost didn't know what to do! 

Our journey has already begun with this and we invite you to join and share it with us. 

We are honoured to have these outstanding members of our community and beyond contribute to our program. With the deepest of gratitude from all of us, thank you. 

We will be posting here and Facebook about upcoming teachers and their teaching schedule at Haven!