James regards yoga as medicine, science, and a chosen path.  He has experienced the benefits of this practice to be physical, mental, spiritual and everything in between.  Being exposed to yoga through his young adult life the practice was there when he needed it most.  When he made the decision to immerse himself in the practice, the full spectrum results were felt with profound immediacy and the journey has been ongoing.  James’ teaching began at the suggestion of his first teacher Lara Luer, as well his friends who noticed a marked difference in him as a result of yoga.  By showing his friends a few of the things he had learned he launched into the practice of teaching.  Since then he has refined his teaching, studying under some contemporary greats such as Tina Pashumati James, Danny Paradise and Chris Chavez.  Based in Hatha and Vinyasa you can expect a practice led by James to be influenced by traditional yoga form and philosophy, contemporary sequencing and alignment, as well as his studies and practice of the Buddha Dharma.   Come ready to move, breathe, sweat, laugh and hopefully leave smiling from the soul.  Willingness is the key to unlocking the magic of this practice.