I'm having a love affair! With yoga!

Yoga found me 8 years ago. Oh, it was a slow and steady love affair, no spectacular fireworks at first, many love/hate moments (maybe months) along the way that, not surprisingly, still surface today. 

Yoga found me, captivated me and transformed me. I can only describe it as feeling as if I've come home. Deeply embedded in my practice and teaching is mindfulness, inclusiveness, respectfulness and kindness. I embrace self-care, self-compassion and loving yourself just as you are. Let's honour our individuality, uniqueness and quirkiness, too.

In addition to yoga (and in no particular order), I'm a lover of my family, my dogs, exploring the world, my yoga community, giving back to my community, lifetime learning (including learning about myself) and great yoga music.

Yoga continues to enrich my social work practice and who I am as a person. My favourite aspects of yoga include linking breath, body and mind, increasing body awareness, being present, looking within myself, being mindful and learning from my students and teachers- to whom I am forever grateful.