Kim Cox, Instructor

Kim truly believes that yoga is a gift we give ourselves and has something to offer everyone who is open to the experience. Yoga connects us to ourselves- mind, body and spirit. This is a beautiful thing! Kim has been practicing yoga for the past 14 years since moving to Chilliwack. Kim has 30 years experience as a physiotherapist, working with all ages and abilities. The love of yoga came naturally to Kim as it parallels so many of the fundamentals of physiotherapy; the importance of breath, posture, balance, strength, flexibility and connection. We are all striving for health, balance and peace as we move through this life, a life full of stressors and pressure to achieve and do more. Yoga allows us to be in the present moment and enjoy what is. The practice of yoga builds strength in the body, mind and soul which allows us to be our best selves.

Once asked if she were to be given a “Superpower”, what might that be. Kim wishes to have the power to inspire everyone to try yoga at least once. Yoga can be a gateway to physical health and inner peace which is what Kim wishes for all.