Lianne Mitchell, Wellness Massage Practitioner

Lianne has always been a very tactile and sensitive person, though this she has been able to connect with people on an energetic level.  Lianne decided to put her gifts to use in 2012 when she enrolled in the Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage, full-time Spa Therapy Program. The 700hr course experience was incredibly rewarding as she soon discovered a natural talent for massage and the healing arts. She has been described as an "elite practitioner" and a "force in the field", able to do both sensitive and deep work. She is passionate about supporting other people on their journey and loving them wherever they may be, by helping them to recognize their value and develop healthy selfcare practices.

My greatest joy in life is taking care of other people. I feel lucky everyday to be able to massage and work with people on their wellness goals. Whether they’re working on reducing stress, improving their sleep, or boosting self confidence, it’s about designing a treatment plan that’s going to work for them. Being part of the Haven community gives my clients the best opportunity to round out their selfcare. The people here are so awesome & I feel lucky to be part of the team helping people live their best life.
— Lianne Mitchell