Mouon Light, Instructor

Mouon was introduced to yoga and meditation at the age of fifteen by her loving grandmother. She delved into a dedicated, quiet home-based practice; riding the gentle wave of her breath through asana, thought and circumstance. Both of these ancient practices became old friends that she turned to again and again for guidance, reassurance, and grace.

In 2011, she took her 200-hour yoga teacher training with Daniel Clement. It was a phenomenal experience that took her deeper into the many aspects of yoga. Since then, she has furthered her yoga studies independently and under the tutelage of Sarah Powers and Leila Stewart. Mouon believes in the individual practice of yoga, finding what works for your body.

In 2013, after studying Mahayana Buddhism at the Dorjechang Temple in Abbotsford for two-years, Mouon had the pleasure of receiving the blessings and final teachings of 84-year old Tibetan Monk, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.

Mouon brings experience, wisdom, honesty and joy to the mat.