Jasmine came to yoga in 2002 seeking flexibility and balance to complement to her avid passion for volleyball. From there her on-off relationship with yoga evolved, always offering different lessons and reasons for showing up over the years. In 2013 – in the midst of experiencing acute and chronic illness, injury and pain – Jasmine’s relationship with yoga went from ‘it’s complicated’ to ‘going steady.’ At a time when it seemed as though nothing could help, she found herself back on her mat and embracing the sense of community and home that she felt when she practiced yoga. She learned to trust in the process, remember her true Self and ‘let it be.’ This invoked a profound sense of gratitude and a new perspective that life can be anything we dream it to be. Jasmine finds much joy in all the benefits that yoga, breath work, and meditation offer to awaken a person to their own innate ability to heal. Jasmine practices and leads by the guiding principle that when you treat yourself kindly the rest will follow – in yoga, in love, and in life. She will help you move your body skillfully in celebration through Hatha, Flow and Restorative yoga classes to restore your mind, body, and Spirit.

Jasmine's passion was brought to life when she became a 200RYT under the guidance of Lauren Roegele (program director of  Vancouver School of Yoga) and then has continued to pursue her knowledge growth by becoming additionally certified in Restorative through Semperviva. Jasmine is a Yoga Alliance Certified instructor.

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