Norine Longmire, Instructor

Norine is a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher (Yoga West, Vancouver 1997/KRI) and has been teaching yoga, meditation and workshops in the Fraser Valley for nearly 20 years. She currently teaches Kundalini, Hatha, Chair Yoga classes and Yoga for Chronic Pain and Injury. She offers workshops in Yoga for Anxiety & Depression; Bandhas for Beginners; Meditation and Mantra and most recently Non-Attachment in the Real World. 

“My journey to yoga came from a yoga friend dressed from head to toe in white who said, “Your martial arts training would get better if you did yoga!” Not willing to walk away from a challenge, I went to my first Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan in 1996 and haven’t looked back since. And yes, it does improve my martial arts training and teaching!”

Norine holds 4th degree black belt in Aikido ( ); and Fukushidoin teacher certification recognized worldwide and at Hombu Dojo (Aikido World Headquarters). She travels several times a year to train with her teachers including an annual 5 day intensive. Aikido skills are transferrable to yoga as they both work intensely with body dynamics both your own and others. She is a co-instructor at Aikido Takayama in Mission, BC, leading both children ages (6-12) and adult classes. 

Yoga and traditional martial arts have a similar basis in spiritual training and discipline. Though they may be seen from the outside as different, they are in essence both working on the mind body spirit connection to reveal inner and outer harmony. 
The miracle is this: the more we share, the more we have. Leonard Nimoy 

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Come to class, with your whole self. Everything that you are today. Let it go on the mat, or take it with you. Your journey is yours. Open yourself to the experience of your inner vibration and let your soul’s purpose reveal itself to you in every action.
— Norine Longmire